If you plan to submit an idea for the Creative Placemaking Challenge, here are some things you may want to know:

Do I have to be in a team?
Entrants can be teams or individuals. Keep in mind that your installation or activity will have to be staffed for the entire day on Friday August 15 so you will likely want to have people helping you on site. It may also take more than one person to install your project. Many hands may mean lighter work.

Do I have to spend the whole $1,500?
No. Winning entries will be given up to $1,500 to execute their designs. If you do not require the entire amount that’s fine, however project budgets may not exceed $1,500 in total. Please note that the $1,500 should be earmarked for materials, production costs, and artist fees and is not meant to be spent on administration.

Can I enter more than once?
Yes. You can submit more than one entry but applicants may only receive one commission.

Does it have to be visual art?
No. Entries can be from any discipline or combination of disciplines. We’d like to see proposals that are visual, performance, sound, projection, architecture, landscape architecture, design, and so on. You are limited only by your imagination and what you can do with $1,500 and six weeks!

Can I hang things from the adjacent buildings or drill holes?
No. Installations must not interfere with walls or ceilings. Ideally they should be completely free-standing, however, special permission may be requested but must be cleared in advance and will not be permitted without prior authorization.

Can I ask the property owner for power?
Special requirements such as power will be handled by the Urban Idea team and should be clearly laid out in the project proposal.

Why is it for one day only?
As the spaces we will be occupying are used for other purposes we can only access them for a single day. The intent of the Creative Placemaking Challenge is to do something light, quick, and cheap in order to contribute to the conversation about the role of the arts in city-building in the hope that a larger conversation about long-term change will result.

Can I leave it up overnight?
No. Projects must be installed and removed by dusk on the day of the event, Friday August 15 2014.

What about other alleys nearby?
Only officially sanctioned alleys can be part of the Creative Placemaking Challenge.

Is this an annual event?
At the moment we have no plans to do the Creative Placemaking Challenge beyond 2014.  However, we hope that it will get the conversation rolling about what the West Exchange District might evolve into down the road, and that it will inspire people to keep using the arts to improve their city.

What if I need to know something that is not covered here?
Get in touch with us using our contact form