The Creative Placemaking Challenge is about celebrating the city and the art of creating possibility. It will encourage Winnipeggers to try some creative placemaking, to animate underused but unique spaces, and to have fun!

Urban Idea will put the power of art to work using a LIGHTER, QUICKER, CHEAPER approach to neighbourhood development. While other parts of downtown Winnipeg experiment with large-scale megaprojects, we’re taking the low-cost, high-impact route to alter the streets of the Exchange. The idea is to imagine, and then to realize, artistic projects that demonstrate how embedding art into the street can transform neighbourhoods.

Propose an intervention or an installation in selected alleys and dray ways of the West Exchange district, to create interactions between people and their surroundings. Suggestions can be anything at all, provided that they have an aesthetic component and a functional component. Think parklets, pop up stores/cafes, street furniture, or signage.

Expertise is not required, but an interest in creating change in the Exchange is.

Teams can be amateur or professional, individuals or groups. We want to hear from artists, designers, architects and landscape architects, but we also want to hear from regular people! Start a team and work on an idea!

Selected ideas will be given a budget to build their ideas over two months between mid-June and mid-August. Participants will install their works at assigned sites in the West Exchange in August 2014.

We’re also planning a workshop for anyone interested in the Creative Placemaking Challenge. Have an idea for a project but don’t know where to start? We’ll arm you with the basics that you need to get started. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come from the most unexpected sources.

Download the Creative Placemaking Challenge Call (PDF 3MB)

In the meantime, visit our gallery of projects like this all over the world.